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This is a fabulous resource for knowing exactly what to say to stand up for yourself.
— Keely Smith

Hey there. I'm Bryn

I know exactly how horrible it feels when you have someone pick on you but you don't know how to stand up for yourself. I was verbally attacked for no reason in public at the planetarium in front of 20 families, including my own two children.

I didn’t have my wedding ring on and a man was yelling at me, “I can see why your husband left you.“  It was one of the most embarrassing and mortifying moments of my life! I kept thinking for two weeks, “I should have said….“

After I was verbally attacked I realized I just didn't know how to stand up for myself.

I started a web site to help people deal with verbal bullies because so many people have issues with difficult relatives, and the challenging people in their lives.

Running the web site, I Should Have Said...,I found out from our readers exactly what works when it came to shutting down someone who makes cruel and insulting comments.

Now I know the perfect things to say in any situation and how to say it.