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Hi I’m Bryn,

My family went through a terrible bullying ordeal when our son was in grade five.  

I created this program to help other families bullyproof their child and turn bullying situations around. I do not want anyone else to suffer the stress, the way that our family suffered, trying to figure this out how to turn the situation around.

How we solved the problem

One of the things that really helped my son turn the bullying situation around quickly was using Comebacks. I taught my son verbal self defense for kids. 

What the bully didn’t know is that I own the biggest verbal self defense website in the world, and I’d been helping adults stand up to verbal bullies. We used the same strategies with our son and the bullying stopped almost immediately. 

The comebacks gave our son a huge sense of power and when another child  would try to put him down or make him look bad, he would respond with the most awesome response and leave the verbal assassin speechless

I created a program called The Bully Proof Your Child Toolkit which helps kids when they’re being targeted or picked on stand up for themselves. When your child is quick on their feet with a comeback, they are less likely to be targeted by mean girls or bullies.