Bullyproof your child in just 3 steps...

(Even If Your Kid is a an Obvious Target, is getting teased at school, and the situation seems difficult.)

In this Powerful Video Training, You Will Discover:

  • How to shut down teasing quickly and increase your child’s ability TO STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES with clever comebacks.
  • The ONE thing that your child may be doing each day that is causing your child to be a bully magnet, and you don't even know it. (and how to stop it).
  • How to transform your child’s confidence quickly,  without attending TONS of activities or breaking the bank spending money on programs. Confident kids are less likely to get picked on.
  • ​How you can get the results that you want...without needing your child to do any of this training video with you!
  • ​How these breakthrough strategies can work for you, regardless of how stressful the bullying situation is or how hopeless things seem!


Get the downloadable Questions to Ask Your child! This life-changing list will help you ask sideways questions to find out what is really going on in your child's world.

Bully Proof Your Child Secrets

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Meet Bryn

After helping people all over the world with bully proofing and verbal self defense, Bryn Todd is sharing her revolutionary Bully Proofing methodology with you! To give YOU the solutions that you WANT!

Did you know that 90% of students in grades 4-8 report having been harassed or bullied. Most kids don't know how to handle the situation on their own. Bryn's students have had a huge success rate turning bullying situations around. Bryn Todd is a the founder of the Bully Proof Your Child Program and - Verbal Self Defense Made Easy.

She helps parents and kids find their voice with verbal self defense, show up with confidence and help families deal with and shut down bullying. And the best part is... you can bully proof your child quickly, in its little as two weeks! This does not have to be a long process for you to get results.

Hundreds of parents around the world have used these tools to stop their child getting picked on, and built up their child's confidence to new levels. Help your child show up in the world in a new confident way.

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What Others are Saying About the Bully Proof Your Child Toolkit

"My daughter has had incidents at school with mean girls. She was able to use what she learned in this course and snapped back and since then she has not had any further problems. I would have never been able to put this all together myself and I would recommend this to anyone with children."- Anne, mom of two

"Like most parents, I have spent time, money and effort developing my children's sports skills and academic skills. Regretfully, I have not done much to intentionally develop their relationship skills. It is unfortunate because interpersonal skills have so much more impact on their overall life experience. The problem was that I never had a clear path on how to develop these skills until I took this course. I love that there is no fluff. It's all actionable and practical. My middle schooler has had trouble with bullies since preschool. I wish I would have had these tools back then. His entire school experience would have been so much better. I'm so glad this course exists to give parents tools to cultivate confident children who have the verbal self defense skills to shut down the bullies in their lives. " - Alisha

"This course is so helpful. I had no idea where to start when my child was being picked on at school. I found this course to be a lifesaver." 

- Manjeet S. 

"I’m a psychotherapist and this is a wonderful resource for parents navigating their children’s social world and in particular those being challenged with bullying. It’s full of excellent practical strategies, provides real life examples and is extremely easy to use. Happy to recommend this product to my clients!"- Andrea Josson, Psychotherapist

"I think parents and educators could both glean useful tips for talking about bullying at home or in the classroom from this course. Bryn goes into fantastic detail about how bullying not only has a lasting impact on a child but what tips and tricks you can give a child to empower them. This course will leave you and your child both feeling empowered to know what to say and do in the heat of the moment." 

- Hadlee Grace, Teacher 

" "My son was missing some major social clues which caused him to be singled out and excluded by other kids. The Traits Bullies Target cheat sheet showed me exactly what he needed to work on. This is the best course I have found to bully proof my child." 

- Tara E.