[WATCH this free video now to see for yourself why some kids get don’t get teased or targeted by bullies… and what you can quickly do to ensure your child is NOT an easy target on the playground.]

What you're about to get is the exact formula hundreds of families have used to shut down bullying over the past few years.

After going through a horrible bullying ordeal, we are revealing the exact strategies we used to get it to stop for good.

Presented by Bryn Todd, Founder,


Here's what you'll learn in this
free workshop:

Shift #1

Accept that your child needs to learn verbal self defense to stop teasing

Why telling your child not to verbally defend themselves makes them a target.. And I’ll share what to do instead with clever comebacks.

Shift #2

Avoid the one big mistake many bullied kids make

Why so many kids miss social cues... and my simple system for helping your child that anyone can learn. 

Shift #3

Activate your child's confidence with these simple hacks

Why taking your child to tons of different courses is the slow and painful way to build your child’s confidence … and how you can implement easy confidence boosting hacks at home.


Hi, I’m Bryn, my family went through a terrible bullying ordeal when our son was in grade five.  I was determined to figure out how to solve this bullying problem, I knew I had to help my child because the school wasn't going to.

How we solved the problem

One of the things that really helped my son turn the bullying situation around quickly was using comebacks. I taught my son verbal self defense for kids.

What the bully didn’t know is that I own the largest verbal self defense web site, and I’d been helping adults stand up to verbal bullies. We used the same strategies with our son and the bullying stopped almost immediately. 

The comebacks gave our son a huge sense of power and when another child  would try to put him down or make him look bad, he would respond with the most awesome response and leave the verbal assassin speechless

I have now helped hundreds of families turn bullying situations around when their kids have been targeted. If you bully proof your child in advance, you can ensure that your child isn't an easy target for bullies at school.